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Why Use A Butt Plug?

People use butt plugs for various reasons. Some people just wish to enjoy the feeling of fullness throughout the day whilst performing other activities. Others use them so they can use their hands to stimulate other areas of the body, while enjoying the plug’s sensations too. Butt plugs are ideal for those looking to experiment with anal training, where one slowly increases the size of the plug used. This gradual process helps the body relax, and to be able to accommodate much larger sex toys over time. Butt plugs can also be used by a strap-on wearer to be able to enjoy some internal stimulation themselves whilst penetrating their lover.

Anal plugs help stimulate the erectile tissue and increase arousal. They have the ability to help enhance the sensations produced during orgasm, as the pelvic floor muscles and the sphincters randomly clench around the plug. The motions produced from orgasm may make a butt plug drop out, but this doesn’t mean that the butt plug hasn’t fulfilled its purpose; it just means you have had a powerful climax.

A butt plug is an excellent way to become acquainted with anal pleasure. You are able to opt for plugs which are a similar size to a finger, as well as ones with a curved, contoured shape for comfortable insertion. They are also a good way to prepare your body for further anal exploration with a larger sex toy, such as a strap-on dildo, or a partner’s penis.

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